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ShiVa Authoring Tool

The ShiVa Authoring Tool is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Wii, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry QNX, HP WebOS and Airplay SDK for free. The Authoring Tool gather all the required information and resources to generate valid application, web page or custom Visual Studio/Xcode project to extend engine functionalities. Free download.

Desktop Distributable

Distribute on Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Certified installer
Our installation system has been certified by a well known publisher, the installer generated will pass all the TRC tests.

Tryout Voodoo Dice

Executable file
You can distribute your application as a single exe/app file that will be launched directly without any installation.

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Windows, MacOS publishing

iPhone, Palm, Adroid game engine

Mobile Application

Create application for iOS, Android, HP WebOS, BlackBerry QNX and Marmalade

Mobile specific system features
GPS, multitouch, accelerometer, native keyboard, full-screen movie, microphone and Bluetooth support.
Device identifier, system name, version and language are available.


ShiVa3D developers can now port their games to the full list of Marmalade supported platforms, including Bada, Symbian and Windows Mobile.
As Marmalade adds support for new platforms, ShiVa developers will be able to exploit these with minimal extra effort.

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Internet website

Any webpage and Facebook application.

Simple end-user installation process
The web page requires a plug-in to be installed.
After accepting the Java certificate, the web page will automatically display the 3D content.

Note that this installation does not require administrator rights.

Compare plug-in installation

The ShiVa Web Plug-in is compatible and fully tested with Safari 3+, IE6+, Firefox 2+ (and gecko-based browsers), Opera 9+ on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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Facebook application

Wii development


ShiVa 3D Engine for Wii™ is included in the cost of license, with no publishing fees.

To request your engine, you must have a valid Developer status.

More information is available at for the Wii

Wiimote™ and Nunchuk™ support

Interact and manipulate items on screen via gesture recognition.
Wii MotionPlus™ and Wii Vitality Sensor™ can be supported on demand.

Native compilation

Compile additional C, C++ and Objective-C files, and link them with the ShiVa engine static library, in order to produce the final executable.

We also ported all the script API to C++, giving you a new way to code your AI Models, directly in C++, and as a result it is totally compliant with the Apple ToS.

Script Translator
ShiVa Editor integrates an automatic Script to "readable" C++ translator, making it possible to benefit from both fast development using Script, and fast execution using native code compilation.

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Native compilation