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31st July in Tutorials

Starting with the UAT 1.4 beta 4, the ShiVa Flash external interface has become feature complete. In this tutorial, we will learn how to manipulate a running ShiVa 3D FLASH application by calling DefaultUser-Events from html/js.

26th June in Export, Scripting, System, Tutorials

Thanks to the UAT 1.4, you can now create project builds. Read this tutorial to learn how to modify ActionScript documents and add a whole new level of interactivity to your ShiVa Flash application!

12th June in Tutorials

Learn how to work with a remote high score list! Use ShiVa Flash to send XML data to a PHP script which stores your high scores on a distant server.

10th June in Tutorials

In order to interact with XML files on your server, you need to make use of a little file that handles access permission for Flash documents…

25th March in Blog

The new Unified Authoring Tool BETA is now available for all licensed developers. Head over to beta.stonetrip.com today and get yours today!